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Tales from Ovid

  • 25th Mar, 2005 at 9:37 AM

Last night, I went to the Centaur Theatre again. This time, wlach came with dcoombs and me to see Tales from Ovid by Ted Hughes.

It was presented by the National Theatre graduating class of 2004, and so you could see the youthful exuberance, the bounding pride that these young actors and actresses put into their work. They certainly breathed a lot of life into their art, which is something one has to do when one is still young.

The stage was sparsely done. Two black pillars rising from a black stage. People moved from backstage to front, drew along the walls with chalk, came up through trap doors, and stepped out of the pillars. Very versatile. And when props and lights wound down from the catwalks, I could not help but think deus ex machina.

The work starts off rather classically, but there are moments of hilarity and modernity sprinkled through the play. As if it were played in variation, to prove to us that the actors could act. Which they can.

The common thread that Coombs and I have found throughout the productions at the Centaur is that they are played in English, for most of the time. This play was of a very different style but still incredibly good. Lacking, however, was the sense of questioning premises that happens so very often. But I did not miss it much.

This is, of course, because Greco-Roman tales are always so filled with torture and lust and death. Their gods were very human and only slightly more powerful, so the full brutality of human flaws would be amplified. It was slightly disconcerting to see such young faces play such roles, though I could not tell you why.


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28th Mar, 2005 02:01 (UTC)
Hi, you don't know me, I found this entry with google, searching for Tales from Ovid. I'm happy to hear from an actual audience member that they liked it. The critics seem a little baffled by it. Of course I'm pretty protective of this show, cause these are very good friends of mine doing it (I graduated from Playwriting at NTS the same year they graduated Acting) They are an awesome group. I personally enjoyed the comic, modern stuff more than the lofty "period stuff", but it was all a pretty wild show.

Take care,

28th Mar, 2005 16:28 (UTC)
Tell your friends that they were awesome, OK? I really enjoyed their performance.
28th Mar, 2005 17:39 (UTC)
Will do, and I agree, they are some of the best!
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