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Safely arrived

  • 25th Mar, 2005 at 8:50 PM

I managed to drive all the way down to Toronto without anything breaking, malfunctioning, or seriously distrubing my fragile sanity.

It was pleasantly surprising, really. I quite expected to have another stress-ridden trip. Still, I don't want to make this drive very often. I've done it far too many times, in far too many unpleasant circumstances.



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27th Mar, 2005 04:03 (UTC)
I found the fuel economy function of my car to be rather disturbing when increasing the speed. But driving to Waterloo was fun. :-)
27th Mar, 2005 04:24 (UTC)
I use about 100L of fuel, travelling from Montréal to Toronto. But that's because that's a 1984 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight that I'm drove. With a vinyl roof and flared taillamps and enough room to stretch right out in the backseat.

It's a solid steel tank and I love it. No puny fuel-efficient cars ever try rear-ending this vehicle.
27th Mar, 2005 05:38 (UTC)
One way? Wow, that's absurdly high, makes me feel better! I used something along 125L to go to Waterloo and back, going so fast that puny fuel-efficient cars couldn't rear-end me (they'd have to catch up first, heh!).
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