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Jim's Dinner Party

  • 26th Mar, 2005 at 2:44 PM

So my best friend Jim Morrison is about to graduate from Waterloo with a Computer Science degree. We've travelled to a whole bunch of conferences and stayed up far too late chatting in dorm hallways. So when he invited me to a dinner party in Waterloo, I just had to go.

Rusty spigot
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Friday the 18th, I took the overnight train from Montréal to Toronto before catching the Greyhound to Kitchener. I got into town at about 11:30. Conveniently across the bus station is Ellison's Bistro, so I walked in and got myself lunch. He served this wonderful glazed carrot and ginger soup which was the exact tonic I needed to refresh myself after my trip. After my meal, I walked around downtown Kitchener gathering some ingredients I would need for Saturday's dinner. (That's another story.) In addition, I also picked up some Guinness, as that's the sort of thing to bring to Jim's dinner parties.

I took the bus up to Jim's place and eventually stumbled around until I found a house that resembled something that I remembered at around 14:00. In I went and put down my stuff and filed some of it away in Jim's fridge. After chatting with Jim for a while, Jim sat down and wrote a shopping list. We then set off for the nearby Sobeys.

Ingredients were purchased and dragged back to Jim's house. We then started on his Irish beef stew. Once the base was set to simmer, we popped out to pick up some cutlery and tableware from Don and Kristin's place. There we were able to also find some muffin-tins, which we realised we needed.

It was there that I met a very cute charcoal-grey kitten by the name of Sasquatch. It had six toes per foot. He was very affectionate and good at being kitten-adorable. Awww....

Jim abadoned me with a backpack full of dishes in order to go to class. I walked down to the nearby health food store and bought some egg replacer. Returning to Jim's place, I checked to make sure the stew was doing alright and then got the urge to check some e-mail. After breaking into Jim's Ubuntu box to get myself a user account, I discovered that Joey Schulze had asked me to hack on some Debian stuff and so I started a compile. Then I went back to tending the kitchen.

Jim got back from class at 18:00, which is basically when things went into high gear. We heated up two pans and started the aloo mattar in that. Then we peeled and cored the apples for the crisp. Finally, we mixed the cornbread muffin batter. Everything was basically prepped once people started showing up. I met Joel and Rhoda who were the first to appear. Soon after, Ryan and Colleen arrived. I then realised the miserable state of my appearance, so I dropped fresh herbs and Guinness into the stew pots and ran upstairs to take a shower. Spending an entire night on a train, then a couple hours on a bus, and then cooking for half a day does not make one entirely presentable. By the time I looked respectable, a whole pile of people had shown up and were digging into the food. I obviously enjoyed that shower for far too long.

The party was fun and familiar. People at around in groups and chatted about whatever random thing popped into their heads: plans after graduation, brewing beer, compiler optimisations, and so on and so forth. I migrated around the place trying to chat with as many people as possible. Sadly, I didn't pull out my camera during this process, or I would have had pictures to remember these people by.

Jim shows Jeff how tall he is
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

The party started dying down by 1:00. People had slowly filtered out, some earlier than others. By 2:00, there was a small group of us congregated on the L-shaped couch in the living room. Jim, Jeff, Angie, Yvonne, Fil and I talked and talked about random stuff before I had the presence of mind to pull out my camera. Here's a picture of Jim touching the ceiling.

Fil left for home soon after and Yvonne decided to crash there. We made some beds and I basically passed out on a couch since I was absolutely exhausted. It had been a good night by my standards: good food, happy people, gruntled conversation. It was fun to see people that I hadn't seen in a while, and probably won't because they're scattering like the four winds. Soon I'll have no personal reasons to go back.

In the morning, we all got up by around 9:00 and polished off the leftover food. Yvonne had to bike home, but the rest of us went to Pizza Hut. I shared a vegan pizza with Jeff and Angie, and Jim's roommate Adam joined us for brunch. Jeff and Angie gave me a lift to the Grand River Hospital, which wasn't very far away from Vincenzo's. But this is the beginning of Saturday's story, which I shall write about some other time.


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27th Mar, 2005 01:34 (UTC)
That food sounds so delicious! Your entry is making my mouth water.
27th Mar, 2005 01:38 (UTC)
Are you coming up to OLS this year?

I'm thinking of throwing a dinner party at the conference.

Am I sick? Yes, I am.
27th Mar, 2005 02:33 (UTC)
Yes, I'm coming to OLS this year. A dinner party would be excellent.
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