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  • 1st Feb, 2004 at 5:42 PM

Jeff Bailey convinced me to join Orkut yesterday. You know, that human-to-human networking database that manages relations between people.

It's a lot of fun. You get to browse around your list of friends looking at their friends. Then you think, "Wow, I didn't know Joe knew Fred." Then you also think "Fred isn't on my list, I think I'll add him as a friend."

You can easily waste hours on this. Which, suspiciously, looks like what I've done today. It's getting pretty dark outside, so I guess I wasn't as productive as I should have been.

The dishes in the kitchen sink are calling me. They haven't been washed since last night's post-birthday party, so I'd better get around to doing them.



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(Deleted comment)
2nd Feb, 2004 00:14 (UTC)

Yeah. I've been busy wasting time in order to become one of the "popular" kids. This has led me to the wonderous number of 44 friends.

Hmm. It looks like most of my friends are male, like computers, and are people I met online before meeting in person. It also appears that I keep on forgetting people, which is why it was fun to find them on Orkut. Wow, this service is made just for me! It'll keep track of the people I know, so I don't have to.

(You're welcome about the invite. I do know Ben through Rob Warren. He's a pretty cool guy. (He's also another person I haven't met In Real Life yet.))

2nd Feb, 2004 01:06 (UTC)
LJ addictions strike again? :)
2nd Feb, 2004 01:40 (UTC)


Orkut is not LiveJournal.

2nd Feb, 2004 03:16 (UTC)
I kinda guessed that, different URLs and all... But addictions are still addictions.
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