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  • 2nd Feb, 2004 at 10:07 AM

Over the weekend, peri decided to go down. I bugged Dave Gawley this morning, and he let me into the server room. Lovely! She's suffering from disk problems, since here are horrible messages about /dev/hda and DriveResets.

This means that the CSC will need to purchase at least three disks. But what the heck? Maybe we should replace all of our disks, since they are getting uniformly old. I'll bring this up at the general meeting for our membership to consider.

Oh yeah. I hear MathSoc wants to cut our budget again. Why do they keep on doing that? Grrr...


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2nd Feb, 2004 15:48 (UTC)
Because MathSoc blows.
3rd Feb, 2004 04:59 (UTC)
Yeah, I wasn't a big fan last year when someone suggested changing your foreign speaker budget into a much smaller domestic speaker budget. But meh, it's free money, don't complain too much.

If you haven't already try asking the Feds IFC for more money too, they LOVE giving out money to clubs.
3rd Feb, 2004 05:17 (UTC)

MathSoc seems to like cutting money out of budgets. It's odd, since the majority of people don't spend their full budget anyway, leaving the rest to be thrown into some "repay-the-Feds" fund. But isn't supporting clubs and their events better for the current student population?

Do the Feds give money out to non-Feds clubs? Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to apply for money anyway, hmm?

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