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A familiar feeling

  • 8th Apr, 2005 at 6:46 PM

You know how sometimes you can feel a person's proximity? A presence you see in the corner of your eye, the feeling of someone there, the sound of something breathing beside you. So you turn and look.

But there's no-one there. I've been doing that lately and I figure I must be going insane.

That's alright, though; Allison assures me that I already am.


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8th Apr, 2005 22:18 (UTC)
You could be seeing ghosts. I mean, if ghosts exist. :) I've had that experience many times.
8th Apr, 2005 22:27 (UTC)
Funny you should mention that. I'm reading a book about ghosts right now.
9th Apr, 2005 11:02 (UTC)
That would do the trick then! Heightened sensory perception combined with subconcious images = mind tricks
9th Apr, 2005 02:44 (UTC)
I always feel people's proximities, but I never feel them leave; I can tell whenever a person is behind me (unless I'm really into an activity) but I always end up talking to people who aren't there.
9th Apr, 2005 03:20 (UTC)
maybe your ancient chinese ancestors have something important to say to you, or just visiting the west to see how great great great great great great grandson is doing. *wink*

that's creepy.
9th Apr, 2005 11:01 (UTC)
I have those from time to time. But then I'm a believer in ghosts.
9th Apr, 2005 14:32 (UTC)
we're all a bit insane ...
And you, Simon, are definitely insane in a good way. :)
But then, perhaps I have a loose definition of insane which encompasses many sorts of strange obsessions.
I would certainly say you're mad for food.

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