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Too cute to handle

  • 11th Apr, 2005 at 2:29 AM

In an attempt to overwhelm thebabynancy's self-portrait of amazing cuteness, I present to you some shockingly saccharine shots of Timin.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Lying on the floor
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Out hunting
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.



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11th Apr, 2005 07:04 (UTC)
Her eyes. They have different colours!
11th Apr, 2005 07:05 (UTC)
His eyes.

And yes, they are different. Freaky but cool!
11th Apr, 2005 07:36 (UTC)

I miss Timin so much!
11th Apr, 2005 07:43 (UTC)
You should come to Montréal and get him eventually. I think he misses you too.
11th Apr, 2005 17:21 (UTC)
Your photos are excellent. Do you have a special camera? Or are you just particularly skilled in this art? :)
11th Apr, 2005 17:28 (UTC)
I wish I could attribute this to talent. I did buy a rather nice camera, but it's nothing special.

My secret weapon is to take a bazillion pictures and then pick out the one or two that turned out OK.

In my attempt to learn something about photography, I check to see what I did right when I took those pictures that were good. I figure this will increase my chances to one in a trillion someday.
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