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Dinner with Dave

  • 11th Apr, 2005 at 11:36 PM

Just came back from dinner with dcoombs. I had fish and chips this time at Café L'Etranger, which was slightly better than an overcooked burger. I think that place only thrives due to convenience. Certainly not by the promptness of the service nor the quality of the food. Or perhaps, as thebabynancy prefers, it thrives because of the eye-candy.

In any event, the conversation was most excellent so that made up for the whole evening. It's nice to talk to Dave again, I missed him.



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12th Apr, 2005 03:50 (UTC)
I like that place. Then again, i am a sucker for convenience and eye candy...

12th Apr, 2005 03:56 (UTC)
Say, I completely failed to meet up with you the last couple times you were in Montréal. When are you coming back more permanently?
12th Apr, 2005 05:09 (UTC)
Gee, I wonder what happened. Café L'Etranger used to be soooo good.
12th Apr, 2005 06:25 (UTC)
L'Etranger is good for some things, but the fish and chips isn't really one of those things. Some of the burgers are decent, but the only reason I bother to go is the sandwiches. You just can't find anything quite like them anywhere else. It's not just the stuff they list as "Sandwiches", but also the grilled cheeses, paninis and wraps. If only I could get them with fries instead of those salty salty pasta chip things.
12th Apr, 2005 14:01 (UTC)
Have you ever asked to have them with fires ? :-)
12th Apr, 2005 14:03 (UTC)
"Uhm yes. I'll have the roast beef sandwich flambé. Water will be fine, thanks."
12th Apr, 2005 14:10 (UTC)
12th Apr, 2005 19:22 (UTC)
Yes. Repeatedly. The answer is always an unshakeable "no".
12th Apr, 2005 19:27 (UTC)
12th Apr, 2005 19:32 (UTC)
It's all about the eye candy, and possibly the ambience some days...

There are maybe 3 competent waitstresses. And while they have Pilsner Urquell... and the food is sometimes interesting, as it lacks consistency... I rarely go there anymore, in comparison to how often I used to. Someone needs to give their owner/manager... I nominate azrhey!
12th Apr, 2005 14:50 (UTC)
I was there last night as well! From about 7-8. With fordcov!

Small world.

I only go there if I have the time to wait, or if I want one of their alcohol-coffee mixes.

12th Apr, 2005 14:54 (UTC)
We missed you. We arrived at 20:30.
12th Apr, 2005 19:33 (UTC)
It's a trade-off... service/quality of food versus eye candy. Can't have it both ways. So sad...
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