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Long TODO list

  • 6th Dec, 2003 at 6:09 PM

Man, do I ever have a long TODO list. One would think that a work term would help solve this problem, but it really hasn't.

Maybe I'll be able to shove more packages into Debian sarge before we release. I think that cmc probably won't put any more work into her cm-super package, so I think I'll adopt it.


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6th Dec, 2003 21:25 (UTC)
Todo: shorten TODO list




7th Dec, 2003 05:30 (UTC)
Die happily

We've all had those days when we'd happily die... generally they're during co-op postings :P

How'd you find me? uwaterloo?
7th Dec, 2003 12:28 (UTC)
I was really hoping to die after my life's goals...

I did find you in that community, but I recall you had some form of journal before. When I saw you face, I thought, "Hey! That's some cool guy I know." Then I fumbled for half an hour trying to add you as a friend.

This LiveJournal thing might be popular, but their user-interface sucks.
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