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  • 12th Apr, 2005 at 11:17 AM

I remember my first day in University residence. I lived in Village 1, West 1. It was directly connected to the central complex, and since it was a "1" house, it was blessed with various amenities to share among the rest of the West quad. Like a very large common room complete with fridge and stove. I didn't cook much back then so I only made unambitious things like 雲吞 (wontons).

The best thing was discovering the huge full-sized bathtub in the shared bathroom. At home, we'd always have showers. They were efficient and quick, but not very satisfying. You just can't stand around for hours in the shower; eventually the hot water runs out and it turns into a very lukewarm experience. But here was a deep enameled bathtub that was coloured "golden glow", like it was installed in the 1960s and then forgotten about. Drawing from a neverending supply of scalding hot water, I could stretch out on my back and float forever.

It was the beginning of a new-found joy. I'd spend my leisure hours just sitting in the bath and pulling eddies and currents through the water. I'm sure if I knew Churchill, he'd scold me for taking too many baths. But they gave such a sense of peace and calm. When you're surrounded by wonderfully warm water and you're floating against the weight of the world, it becomes easier to clear your mind and just think. I suppose this is what some people do when they meditate. I manage to combine sloughing off dirt in mental and physical ways. And this is why I love bathing so much, because you can get your thoughts worked out. When I'm strugging with a particularly difficult problem, I'll go draw myself a bath and sit in it until I manage to rearrange the pieces of the problem such that the solution is obvious from the form. It's very theraputic.

I wonder what I'll do when I move into my new flat, in which the landlord has installed a wonderfully modern shower stall. It's nice and all, all metal and plastic. But not the same. Maybe I can make it work if I get a large galvanized tub, the kind they did laundry in, and sit in that. I can only hope.



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12th Apr, 2005 15:54 (UTC)
I lived on the first floor of North 1. You must have been on the third, because the first floor sure didn't have a bathtub.
12th Apr, 2005 15:58 (UTC)
The third floor is typically the girls floor.

Maybe I was in West 1.

Yeah, that's it.
12th Apr, 2005 19:58 (UTC)
Ohh, the girls floor!
13th Apr, 2005 00:59 (UTC)
Girls floors
The girls floor moved around, depending on the term and the building. I lived in residence at Waterloo a bunch of times. First term the girls floor was 2, second it was 1, and in third it was 3...
14th Apr, 2005 05:51 (UTC)
I can confirm you were in West 1 with me during what would have been your 2A term; I've no idea where you lived in your first year.
12th Apr, 2005 20:30 (UTC)
baths are nice
I love baths. I find soaking in hot water, floating a bit, maybe even reading a book, so relaxing. And adding in some bubbly bath products with strange seaweed extracts only makes it more fun. I am so looking forward to the clawfoot bathtub in our new apartment. You will be welcome to come over for a bath (especially if we rope you into painting and/or helping us move :).
14th Apr, 2005 05:49 (UTC)
There was a tub on the first floor? I had no idea. Only showers on the second.

I might take more (any?) baths if I ever had a tub large enough that I didn't feel both freakishly large and physically uncomfortable. That would be nice.
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