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Dinner at Zion's

  • 15th Apr, 2005 at 10:43 PM

Last night, I went to Peter Zion's house for dinner. A couple of weeks ago, we had planned to have a fondue party, but that fell through.

We all walked to his place after work, Peter and dcoombs walking ahead, Damian, angorian and I walking behind. Damian was carrying my cooler, which contained the raspberry sorbet we made on Wednesday night. I was empty-handed, until we ducked into a bakery where Peter bought some baguette and I bought an apricot tart.

We walked our way up St-Laurent and then zigged up to Peter's house. We passed Mich as he stepped out of the house, and stopped momentarily to admire his new car. I didn't even know he had bought one, but I suppose that's because I don't share an office nor a flat with him.

We climbed up the stairs, took off our shoes, and all went into the kitchen. There, I popped my tart into the oven to warm up and the sorbet into the freezer to keep cold. I think I was then set to the task of cleaning the green beans while Peter decided which wine to open. There were some shrimp defrosted, oil heated, and copious amounts of garlic added.

Sesame-coated tuna
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We then started shallow-frying the shrimp in the garlic-chili-olive oil which gave off the most marvellous aroma. After I finished tending to those, Peter coated his ruby-red tuna steaks with sesame and then slowly seared them. As he finished each one, I sliced them on the bias and plated them on his very nice china. I must say that both the shrimp and the tuna were heavenly! We reserved the oil and used that to dunk bread in, which was fantastically flavourful. I understand that that night, both Peter and Dave had dreams of tuna. This was accompanied by a wonderful 2003 dry Reisling, whose name I have already forgotten. [I have been informed that it was from Henry of Pelham.]

For dessert, Peter pulled out a bottle of port while I served the tart accompanied by sorbet. Everyone raved about this finish, which was a refreshingly summery way to end the meal. We retired to the living room to watch an episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares which was incredibly unsettling due to the very good dinner we had moments before.

After we finished the show, Mich offered to drive us all back home, which we gratefully accepted. A very good time was had by all, except for the times when I had to hide under a blanket.