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Summer wardrobe

  • 16th Apr, 2005 at 11:18 PM

I went shopping with angorian today. Not just any regular shopping, clothes shopping. This was pretty strange because both of us don't actually like going clothes shopping. Allison needed clothes for the weddings she is going to attend this summer and I just needed alternate summer clothes.

By alternate, I mean decent. As you may recall, I decided to get a new wardrobe which has been working out pretty well. I'm happy to say that I think I look a lot sharper now, instead of the geeky software-T-shirt and trackpants look of yesteryear. But it does mean that I need summery clothes, because in that department, all I have are software-T-shirts.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We decided to meet in the morning and head straight down to Ste-Catherine and walk east. Normally, this walk is rather unpleasant but on early Saturday mornings, Ste-Caterine is eerily quiet. We pop into clothing stores on this side of the road and then cross to pop into shoe stores on the other. Since neither of us actually know which stores sell what clothes, we decided to do a brute-force search by entering every one, just in case it stocked something we liked.

There's quite the range of clothing but all of it seems to follow a certain general trend. For instance, this spring, it looks like mocassins are pretty popular, whereas Chinese slippers are not. But you will find very cheaply made mocassins priced so, or you will find decent mocassins priced stratospherically. I still think that playing the fashion game is like pouring money down the drain.

We seemed to be having rather poor luck finding skirts and shoes for Allison, which was quite discouraging. As we entered one store, Allison remarked that she was drawn to a particular pattern. It's actually something that I wouldn't associate with her but she tried on a dress of that material. It look really good! Then a salesgirl came by with a matching shrug that made the dress even better. What a find. Plus, the salesgirl obviously earned her commission that day.

I had somewhat better results, merely because I have decided upon a preppy-look that suits me well. Since that look is never really fashionable, we figure that I'll always be able to fix up used clothing at the end of the season that will still look good in the coming years. I was able to pick up some nice shirts and sweaters that will look good layered. All of them on sale, as well. Bonus!

Allison eventually ended up with some pretty camisoles, which both flattered her rather nicely. We headed to le Vieux Dublin for lunch because I was aching for a good hamburger. I ordered another rare one while Allison, not used to being asked "and how would you like it", got hers medium-well. In the intervening time since I went there, I forgot how horrible their chips were, so I must remember to order a substitute next time. Or barge into their kitchen and teach them how to deep-fry.

Instead of battling the now bustling crowds on Ste-Catherine, we strolled along de Maisonneuve groggily with our new purchases, feeling rather good about the whole experience. I had fun shopping with Allison, she had fun shopping with me, and we both were a little bit poorer by the end of the afternoon. But we were looking forward to being well-dressed and both agreed that we make excellent clothes-shopping partners.


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17th Apr, 2005 06:43 (UTC)
Now, I must say that I *like* software t-shirts.. but maybe that's just me.
17th Apr, 2005 17:22 (UTC)
My plan is to layer them.
17th Apr, 2005 07:43 (UTC)
Sharp, dude, in that new icon you in vest and tie look sharp.

If I were you, I'd think I had a new default LJ icon. :-)
17th Apr, 2005 14:15 (UTC)
I love this userpic of you!
17th Apr, 2005 22:13 (UTC)
This is rather nitpicky, but I must point out that the item to go with my dress is a shrug or wrap. The other tops I bought are camisoles. :)
17th Apr, 2005 22:15 (UTC)
Oof. Fashion terms hurt my brain.
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