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  • 22nd Apr, 2005 at 4:11 PM

The winter term is starting to wrap up. It's odd how Waterloo hasn't stopped influencing my life yet. At NITI, since we hire so many co-ops, our workforce always waxes and wanes with Waterloo school terms.

You can tell that the term is almost over because you hear the phrase "work-term report" whispered about. You see people start socialising more because it's almost time to go. And there are the inevitable farewell lunches for people who leave early.

I accidentally stumbled on to one of those today. Five of us decided to go to L'Etranger for lunch and once we arrived, we discovered four co-ops sitting at the really large table. So we pulled up some chairs and sat down with them. I accidentally ordered a huge basket of chips which I am certainly unable to finish. I will have to make breakfast out of them somehow, because I have to save room for sushi tonight.