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  • 27th Apr, 2005 at 3:50 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I seem to have caught a cold of some sort from last night. Which is sad, because I so enjoyed my time out. Now I have spent most of my morning shivering in bed, downing copious quantities of vitamin C and trying to ignore my fuzzy head. Oh yeah, it's raining right now, so my joints are acting up again.

elliptic_curve has just brought me a bowl of chicken noodle soup. That's pretty sweet of her. It's nice to have something warm to eat and I really appreciate it.

Yesterday, I started the day off right by sitting down at the computer and thrashing away at bugs until I got them done. I accidentally discovered a regression, but then beat it soundly because I remember what I did a couple of weeks ago. It's so nice to become familiar with a chunk of code again, because you grok how things are supposed to work.

Panick and the Silent Folk
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

After finishing up work for the day, I headed into the office. I know this seems sort of backwards, but it works pretty well. Anyway, into the office I picked up wlach and cpirate. We went into the métro and exited at Kanda, where elliptic_curve was already waiting for us. There was much gorging on tasty sushi at an incredibly full restaurant. It was a good thing that reservations were made.

After dinner, elliptic_curve and I went back into the métro to Berri-UQAM. We walked up St-Denis until we got to Café Chaos in order to see a show. You see, we both know aeon_of_maat who was playing in his band: "Panick and the Silent Folk." As well, elliptic_curve knew abelynx, a singer (?) in "The Scroll" from when she used to live in Montréal. I got to meet robotics_girl as well as Caspian. I think I saw Jamie from evildrgo's party there. She stayed long enough to see aeon_of_maat play and then left before I could say hello.

The Scroll
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I've got to say that I lack the depth of experience and vocabulary to described what I experienced properly. I note that it was dark, smoky, and loud; but I'm sure those were only superficial descriptions of the event. I did notice that many people really enjoyed both acts of the show, so there is obviously merit that I'm just unable to taste now. Still, this foray into music produced post-1975 is probably something good for me. It's fairly embarrassing to realise that the only music I can accurately identify is from my dad's youth.


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(Deleted comment)
27th Apr, 2005 20:09 (UTC)
It is!

Do you know anyone that would have been there?
(Deleted comment)
28th Apr, 2005 04:14 (UTC)
I didn't go either... well because I am boycotting it on the off chance that I might see Jason in fishnets... YUK!
28th Apr, 2005 03:23 (UTC)
Clouds is wonderful. Then again, I find all your photography be inspiring; there's something immensely freeing about it that makes me relieved, calmer, when I view it. I may not always comment on them, but I enjoy and anticipate each one. Thank you.
28th Apr, 2005 04:17 (UTC)
Thank you very much!

And to reciprocate, I find all of your writing to be very interesting and fascinating. I really wish that I had the ability to write well. Your work always makes me want to practise some more.
28th Apr, 2005 04:52 (UTC)
Question... Caspian who lives in the plateau... used to do Student Security at Concordia, sword fights on the mountain and graduate environmental studies and worked in Moncton? I could just see that overlap...

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