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All woozy

  • 28th Apr, 2005 at 7:05 PM

Traffic cone
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I sent Julie on her way home at 17:00. The sky had opened up so we took a taxicab to Gare Centrale. The ride was jerky and horrible, which made us both quite nauseated. In fact, I'm still feeling rather ill right now.

I am now in the office, waiting for something to finish compiling before heading home. I thought I was fine to leave home this morning, that I had recovered from my illness, but my illness has unpleasantly informed me otherwise. Alas, I really did want to talk to some people in person today, so I've just been in the office instead of pleasantly unconscious. I don't think I was very coherent while talking to them, but I seemed to have managed to get my points across. Or perhaps they just wrote me off as delusional. I guess I'll find out next week if they reveal to me that I agreed to wash a car with my tongue, or something equally absurd.

My parents shall be arriving at 21:00, so I do want to get home in the next hour or so. It would be bad form if they were locked out. Much like how Stephen's dad was locked out in the rain for a while. Whoops.

And now for something completely different. Like a traffic cone of headache.