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Last bath

  • 29th Apr, 2005 at 11:38 PM

I just got out of my last bath at the NitiHouse. This is a sad time for me. Also a very wrinkled and prunish time. But a sad time nevertheless.

My parents had moved two carloads of books and things to the new flat and had decided to break for dinner when I returned. We ate and then proceeded to move another carload over there. Then we cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and unpacked my kitchen things. Although that place is smaller, there still seems to be enough cabinetry to store my belongings. That's a pleasant thought, actually. I also moved some bookcases around and Dad slotted a whole bunch of boxes into the shelves. I suppose that I will soon have to unpack those boxes into their proper places. If only I had decent bookends.

Once finished, we packed the empty boxes back into the van and drove home. Now the plan is to wake up early in the morning, finish packing the rest of my things into these boxes and wait for my dear friends to show up. With any luck, the weather will not be too miserable so the majority of my stuff will not get wet. Oh dear, Saturday is supposed to get two centimetres of rain. That's not good at all.