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Not a cardboard box

  • 2nd May, 2005 at 2:17 PM

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to finish up my packing. Into boxes went the contents of my room. Then I began to disassemble and tie up the furniture, since that had to move as well. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad took a shipment of boxes over to the new place, which I have yet to name.

Dad came back with the van after leaving Mom to clean up the new flat. It was still relatively nice outside when wlach showed up, holding a styrofoam cup of coffee. We quickly set him to work putting things into the van and then shipped him over as well. Meanwhile, I continued to put stuff in boxes and tore apart more furniture.

Full van
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

cloquewerk arrived at around noon and I got him to help me move some of the heavier items closer to the door. The rain had started coming down in a light drizzle by this point in time. Dad showed up with the van again and we strapped some stuff onto the roof and threw things in the back. Then mcote and I bundled in and we drove over. wlach was waiting for us on the sidewalk and we gave him his coat back. Then we unloaded the van into the hallway and dragged things upstairs.

By the time we were finished, the rain was starting to become constant and rather depressing. Dad, wlach, mcote and I got back in the van and went over to the old house, stacked furniture inside, drove, unloaded, repeat n times. I think we took about ten trips back and forth. Somewhere in the midst of this, we had a nice lunch at a very tiny café on Rachel. After we had brought back the last load of things, I took everyone out for dinner at Santropol as a token of my absolute appreciation.

We said our goodbyes to mcote and wlach. Then we went back to the NitiHouse to clean up the place. We swept and vacuumed, returned the empty beer bottles (which Stephen forgot), and moved Timin. He was very reticient to actually get inside his cat carrier, but after he did, he just sulked.

Once that was done, we went to return the keys. Oh no! Lost the third set of keys for the NitiHouse. That was a long three hour adventure that I wish to forget. After finding the contents of my bedside table, we had finished assembling some of the furniture and moving some of it around into their proper places. By this time, say 22:00, we were completely exhausted. I think Mom just passed out once she lay flat.

Morning came all too soon and with it was the realisation that I was in much pain. If only morning amnesia lasted a little bit longer. We did some more cleaning and arranging and then drove to Ikea to pick up a frame for one of my futons. We assembled it when we got back and it basically broke the first time someone sat on it. Sigh. The plan is to buy one in Toronto, bring it up here, assemble it, bring back the old one and return it. Then, before someone sits on the new one, we shall reinforce it so it doesn't break like the last one did.

I waved goodbye to Mom and Dad at around 19:00. Then I passed out. When I woke up, I moved around some furniture so that people can take a fridge out of my living room and dispose of it. I also made myself some breakfast and found an open wireless access point. I know I'm surrounded by boxes that need to be unpacked and I'm not really looking forward to that. Ah well. At least I have a nice place to live.