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A walk in the 公園

  • 4th May, 2005 at 11:36 AM

On the way to catch the bus this morning, I was walking through Parc Jeanne-Mance. The squirrels were chasing each other around and the birds were singing. A very nice day.

As I'm walking up the path, I hear some strangely familiar sounds. I realise they come from a rather large group of people, some of them little people. Up ahead were a group of twelve children all holding on to a rope. At each end, there was a young lady holding on. A grandmotherly lady walked alongside, talking to each child and ensuring that they were all smiling.

One of the children started fussing and the column of children stopped for a bit. As I walked past them, one of the kids noticed me. He was wearing a sailor's hat and a red vest and he pointed me out.

「早晨」, I called out. The adults responded in kind and waved, while the little child staring at me continued to point. Smiling, I waved back and then continued on my way. As I walked, I continued to hear strains of their conversation as the children were promised chances to slide down the 滑梯 and play in the 沙沙.


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5th May, 2005 01:47 (UTC)
that was very sweet... thanks for noticing and then posting about it.

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