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Toronto for the weekend

  • 4th May, 2005 at 5:52 PM

I'll be in Toronto this weekend. There will be a Mother's Day celebration as well as time spent in the dentist's chair.



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7th May, 2005 04:01 (UTC)
Uhm. And when will you be headed back? And how? =)
7th May, 2005 05:29 (UTC)
I'll be heading back on the 17:00 train. I should be back in town by 22:00.
10th May, 2005 05:15 (UTC)
I assume you meant the Sunday 17:00 train.. which actually should arrive in Montreal at 21:00 since it's an express train. If you did take that train.. hmm.. I guess I missed you because I took that train. Oh well.
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