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  • 6th May, 2005 at 12:22 PM

It's vaguely pleasant to wake up in the morning before the alarm clock. The sun comes in through the window, plays through the spider plant, and makes a nice pattern above my head. I've been sleeping on the double futon, which is rather comfortable, even if it is resting on the floor. Typically, Timin is there by my feet but he has learned to stay on his side of the bed so that I don't roll over and crush him.

Unpacking has been going slowly. I cooked on my gas stove (yay!) last night and glued some things back into place. Then I finished assembling the rest of the furniture that I had taken apart. This morning, I unpacked some clothes into their proper places and realised that I don't have enough of the right kind of coat hangers. I expect to have finished dealing with the clothes situation by Monday night, so the last and most daunting task is to shelve the books.

My bookshelves really aren't. They're just skinny ikea utility shelves that are bolted together. This means that they don't have any ends to keep the books from toppling out! The back wall is pretty good at keeping them from falling back, but I've come up with the dazzling idea of tying cotton twine around the ends. If I do this tight enough, I suspect that these will hold my books in place. I do hope it looks attractive, though.

But for now, I'll be co-existing with a bunch of boxes that take up all the floor space in the office. Speaking of an office, I haven't even any of my computers setup properly yet. I suppose that will have to wait until I put safe electrical outlets in all the rooms. The power-distribution box is in my closet but it is rather small with only four circuit breakers. Ah well, the earlier I get that done the better.

So much work, so little time. I'll be away all weekend in Toronto, which I hope will be restful. I'll try to keep my mind off repairs until I get back.


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6th May, 2005 21:01 (UTC)
Twine eventually stretches and lets books fall out. What I did, in the same situation, is use a bunch of wooden dowels that taxlady had left over from an art project. Each thin little dowel is stuck through a set of unused bolt-holes at the ends of my IKEA utility shelves, and handily keeps my books in place.
7th May, 2005 14:47 (UTC)
This sounds like a brilliant idea!
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