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Playing with fire

  • 11th May, 2005 at 10:33 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

If ever you've had the chance to come to one of my parties, you know I love to cook. I rather like having a well-organised and clean kitchen, which was one of the reasons I moved to a place of my own. Call me anal-retentive, but there are only so many times you want to re-season your cast iron pans.

When I started looking for this apartment, one of my priorities was to get a decent kitchen. This one is fine for its purposes, although it does lack some amenities. There is only a single sink, although it is fairly big. There isn't a large amount of counter space. I had to set up a utility shelf in order to fit all my appliances. Finally, there isn't any ventilation in the kitchen, but I do hope to fix that soon. Still it is possible for two people to work in this small kitchen, although they'd better not have personal space issues. As well, there is a gas stove and a new fridge.

Cooking with gas
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Honestly, the gas stove makes up for a lot of the inconvenience. I've been using the steel (wok) that angorian gave me, and it's working reasonably well. It doesn't get as hot as say, the stoves in Hong Kong, but it gets to a good sautéing temperature. And if I leave it on high for a while, I can get almost get it to stir-frying temperature.

For dinner tonight, I made chili fried rice with stir-fried snow peas. When the rice hit the , it made this wonderful searing sound. Then I kept on pushing it around. Unlike the electric stove at the NitiHouse, the stove stayed the same temperature so my rice didn't burn but it did turn crispy. It came out beautifully! I'm going to enjoy cooking at home now. Timin looked at me hungrily the whole time I ate, but I didn't give in to his psychic compulsions for me to feed him.

With the lack of ventilation, the kitchen got pretty warm and steamy as I cooked. I think getting a fan in that window is of an utmost priority. Especially now that it's T-shirt weather.



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12th May, 2005 02:39 (UTC)
I want to come over to your house and eat stuff!

12th May, 2005 04:34 (UTC)
Someone who understand the subtleties of cooking with gas.. :)

I'd love to cook with you sometime.
12th May, 2005 13:12 (UTC)
I don't think I bought my cast iron pan until I lived alone, so I'm having trouble picturing the bad things roommates could do to it. What indignities were inflicted on yours?
12th May, 2005 15:37 (UTC)
- Leaving tomato sauce to dry in the pan so it eats away at the coating.
- Cleaning the pan with soap.
- Scrubbing the coating off the pan with soap, so that it becomes sparkling clean.
- Leaving the pan to soak in the sink.
- Leaving the pan to dry in the dishrack, face-up.
- Burning the coating right off.

Granted, these people had probably never seen cast-iron in their life. So I don't fault them for not knowing how to take care of it. And I'm also glad that I did have cast-iron, because a ruined pan just means a couple hours of work, instead of having to buy a new one.

Still, small irritants like this did do numbers on my sanity. Now I don't have to teach my roommates how to use the cookware every four months, simply by having no roommates whatsoever.
12th May, 2005 14:05 (UTC)
Oh, I am so jealous of your gas stove...

One of the things I found weird when I moved to Canada from Hong Kong was why electric stoves were preferred here. Gas stoves are so much better for cooking!
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