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Penny candy

  • 12th May, 2005 at 7:33 PM

Girl on a bike
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Yesterday was a day of wonderful warmth—a continuation of the temperate weather I experienced in Toronto over the weekend. While we were waiting for our lunch table on Sunday, I managed to get some photographs of Torontonians bicycling down Bloor Street. Check out this girl, isn't she awesome? Flip-flops may not be safe to cycle in, but boy are they fashionable.

Anyway, yesterday. Yesterday was so very warm that everybody flung open all the windows at the office. Honestly, a couple degrees above 20°C and people start complaining that it's too hot. Somehow, the windows didn't get closed last night when the last person left.

This morning was absolutely frigid. I came into the office to see Damian huddled over his computer, shivering like mad. After cleaning up my windswept desk, I went around the office closing all the windows. It dropped down to 1°C overnight, so these flowers are very lucky that it didn't frost.

Tulips in the garden
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I discovered that angorian was also very cold, but she was better prepared than Damian was. She had a very blue shawl, which Damian stole in order to warm his hands. I suggested that we have something warm to drink, before going to the kitchen and setting the water to boil. After an amusing search for teabags, Damian returned triumphant and had a mug of very hot liquid. I got a jug of hot water to my desk and made some tea of my own.

The tea was refreshing and quite warm. But the office hadn't yet gotten better by lunchtime, so Damian, Angorian, and I decided to go out and have a hot lunch. We walked down the street to see people all bundled up in their dark coats, and I noticed how much less cheery the streets were. We soon arrived at Ben's Restaurant. There, we saw an article that claimed "[Ben's] is world-famous in Canada." Try to parse that one. Ben's is a restaurant that has yet to leave the 1940s. There are hand-lettered signs everywhere with illustrations of floats and sodas and sandwiches. The prices have changed slowly, but you know they have because those aren't hand-lettered anymore. The plates and glasses look like a grandmother's, as does the furniture. If ever anything irrepairably breaks in this joint, it will be impossible to find a replacement.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I ordered the soup of the day and a smoked-meat sandwich with a fried-egg. I have to say that it was a very filling sandwich for something so small. In fact, I can feel it in my stomach still. We paid at the cash and then walked back into the cold, sunny day. It was then that I came up with the most brilliant idea. I'm not sure it would be very profitable, but it sure would be fun.

Now Canadians have this concept of "Canadian Tire money", which is issued by a hardware store called "Canadian Tire." It's not real money, the bills are really just coupons that they give you at the register if you pay in cash. But there could be the equivalent concept in diners-from-the-past. There should be a counter up from where you can exchange your money for "Ben's money." Only it would all be in coins and dollar bills. Then you could pay for your ice-cream soda with just a quarter, a Ben's quarter of course, just like in the olden days. It'd be great!


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13th May, 2005 03:52 (UTC)
Oops. I knew it was going to be cold last night (indeed, I had to bike home in it), and so I closed the windows in the big green room and the kitchen, but I forgot to go around the rest of the office.
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