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  • 16th May, 2005 at 12:23 PM

Recently, I moved about the plants on my windowsills. I noticed that the bamboo wasn't doing so well and then realised that I was mistaken about where the light comes in through the windows. So I did a little shuffle and now there are more plants in the kitchen, easily the brightest room in the house.

Well, this means that there's a nice place on the windowsill in my bedroom, a nice place that's just big enough for Timin to sit on. Wisely, I do not sleep with my pillow underneath the window, so he doesn't land on my head when he's getting down.

This morning, I woke up to the sound that cats make when they see tasty morsels outside the window and want to go catch them. Sadly, it's quite a drop from the balcony to the ground, so I really don't want him climbing around there. And it does take quite a while to get to the ground floor. Perhaps I can get Timin to let me take him outside and bring him back inside?



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16th May, 2005 17:09 (UTC)
That might work. Is iy safe for him to go outside?
16th May, 2005 17:16 (UTC)
It is if he doesn't run onto St. Urbain. I thought I'd let him have fun in Parc Jeanne-Mance.

But then again, I can sit outside and watch him to make sure he doesn't do that. It's only a month before I go off to the GCC Summit.
16th May, 2005 18:16 (UTC)
Is he used to outside? I wouldn't take a cat outside without putting it on a leash that it couldn't get out of.
16th May, 2005 18:20 (UTC)
Your best bet is a harness, unless you have the type of cat that is convinced it can't walk in one and so just squirms around trying to get it off.
16th May, 2005 18:56 (UTC)
I didn't mention harness, because shreddy managed to get out of a harness. He isn't used to outside and he panicked and squirmed his way out. I've seen people successfully use collars. I would have thought that a harness was better, but it wasn't my experience. ymmv
16th May, 2005 19:52 (UTC)
Timin doesn't like his harness. He only wears it once every four months, when he gets put in the car and moved somewhere.

He just lays flat and gets dragged around.
16th May, 2005 19:52 (UTC)
Oh, he's very used to the outside. He used to go out all the time and bring back things to eat.

Julie has found very many things on her pillow.
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