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Bump in the night

  • 16th May, 2005 at 5:02 PM

My building makes interesting sounds at night.

It's an old building, a stately building. Not the kind of modern concrete and glass erections that glint in technicolour glass. No, it's a real brick building with solid oak doors and solid oak floors and hand-plastered walls. That's the kind of place I live in.

But one of the few disadvantages is that the walls have ears. So the creaky hardwood floors tell you when someone upstairs is walking about. Above me lives a guy who sleeps the sleep of the dead, his alarum clock always rings forever. Across the hallway, there's a cat who meows when she's lonely. Downstairs, there lives a guitarist who's actually quite good. I can look out my office window into the kitchen of one of my floormates. Now I have the blinds half-closed in that room.

I've learned to tune them out now, but there's still the random creak that wakes me up. I look around, but it's only Timin walking to the kitchen for a midnight snack. I'm fairly glad that Julie is not my roommate here; this kind of background noise would drive her insane.