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DSL modem

  • 17th May, 2005 at 7:47 PM

I got a DSL modem today. Now I can plug it in and stop borrowing the wireless Internet service from my neighbour.

Strangely, Bell has yet to ship me a box to send back their equipment. I suppose I ought to bother them about that.



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18th May, 2005 00:30 (UTC)
good. we are still waiting since February.
18th May, 2005 00:49 (UTC)
ugh. Sympatico = incompetence.

*begin rant*

I cancelled highspeed service with them... and they told me they would send me a kit to send them their modem back. They told me that I could not take it into a Bell World, with all the account information and get a receipt for the return. 4 phone calls/4 confirmation #s later... and I still have not received said kit. I called again this afternoon, and the Supervisor I got on the phone... told me that I could indeed return the modem to Bell World at my earliest convenience.

They could have told me this 3+months ago.


18th May, 2005 03:17 (UTC)
Sympatico is indeed rather incompetent with getting the return labels. My modem that was supposed to be returned by the end of last August was still unreturned after I'd gone home for thanksgiving in October. I ended up just bringing it back to Montreal with me, and they finally got the labels successfully delivered there (go figure) after one attempt to the residence, and two to my mom's house.


Fortunately, they seem pretty lax in charging for the modem if it doesn't get returned. I have a feeling it has to do with the terrible service sending the return labels out.

And yes, you can return them to a Bell World. They tell you not to do it because "it takes longer" and stuff (since Bell World stores will accumulate a big batch to send all at once), but really... once you have the confirmation number, it's no longer your problem. It also gets rid of the modem on your timetable instead of theirs.

I'm on my 5th modem in 2 years, so I'm getting pretty experienced with it now.
18th May, 2005 13:02 (UTC)
Given that the modem cost monthly and that a DSL modem cost less than $100, what is the point ? I have mine. Period.
18th May, 2005 13:16 (UTC)
What does a modem from Sympatico cost monthly anyway? I haven't been able to see it listed separately on any bills.

I know other ISPs will let you avoid $5-10/month if you buy the modem, but I've never seen any indication from Sympatico what it'd be.

Actually, I'd prefer to buy my own because Sympatico has started to encourage use of their modems as routers (the one I have has a 4-port switch and 802.11b antenna on it!). There wasn't even a configuration option for switching to bridging mode on the latest one, although it worked when I just started pppoe.
18th May, 2005 14:11 (UTC)
What's wrong with routers ?
18th May, 2005 15:38 (UTC)
Well, for most people... nothing.

I prefer to have my desktop doing routing for my network though, since I do crazy things (for example, while in residence, I have policy routing that causes outgoing connections to [University of Waterloo] to go out on eth2, but since the resnet is behind a NAT, any incoming connections on ppp0 need to be replied to on ppp0).

So, in short: putting a router in the DSL modem isn't really a bad thing. Making it so that you don't have a choice about it being a router is a bad thing.
18th May, 2005 16:38 (UTC)
Just configure the router...
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