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Waterloo visitors

  • 20th May, 2005 at 11:15 PM

Out of the blue, I get this e-mail from sdt today just as I was about to leave from work:


We're in Montreal.

Would you be interested in doing something tonight? We have nothing planned yet. Let me know, I have my blackberry.

Sweet. We arranged to get together and then headed out for an evening of conversation. I discovered that Ashley has gone and bought herself a ceramic iron (very expensive) and that they've just been in town since 15:00. I also discovered that the numbers on Ontario street skip really quickly past Berri.

Sometime during this whole thing, I scrawled down some good restaurants in sdt's PDA and chatted with him some more about life after undergrad. It's so sad, to have all your old classmates scatter to the four winds.

It was very cool to see them again. Interestingly enough, I'll be heading back to KW again in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I'll get a chance to see some people, before they are all gone.


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21st May, 2005 12:54 (UTC)
Be sure to let me know when you're coming! :-)
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