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Life update

  • 25th May, 2005 at 11:46 PM

Life is routine and uninteresting right now, just like I feel comfortable living it.

I could bore you with tales of how I helped varnish a bed. Or drill holes in the walls. Or sand wood. Or run cabling. Or realise that I don't have enough wiring. But that would be boring.

I have been thinking of the art of computer programming lately, not the book but the subject. It occurs to me that I should write about it soon before I forget.


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26th May, 2005 05:50 (UTC)
Aw Simon. It makes me happy that you exist.
26th May, 2005 13:13 (UTC)
Although I appreciate the sentiment, I'm at a loss to explain why existance is sufficient.

I know a few people who just exist, but they aren't very good company.
26th May, 2005 06:37 (UTC)
Well, if you *are* thinking of the book at all, my boyfriend has just started a TAoCP reading group whose goal is to work through Knuth in a year, starting probably next week.
26th May, 2005 13:15 (UTC)
Wow. Looking at his noble goal, it seems a little bit ambitious and time-consuming for me. I hope he makes it though, since reading TAoCP in a year that would be a very worthwhile thing to do.
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