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  • 26th May, 2005 at 11:56 PM

Lately, Timin has been a little restless. He attacks old paint stains on the floor, claws the spare futon (does anyone want one?), and bats at power cables. So I've dug out his toys and scattered them about the apartment.

I also found the label maker. It's a fun toy (whose LCD needs reconnecting) and is good for making address labels. I printed one out, stuck it to Timin's baby-blue collar and every night I fasten it around his neck. Then I open the kitchen window, which conveniently leads to the fire escape. Soon after I do this, he looks curiously at the windowsill before jumping up and hopping out.

The fire escape is just a metal grating with slots that are bigger than his paws. So I've put a collapsed cardboard box outside for him to sit upon. He doesn't stay there for long, he likes to make his way up the steps to the top where he can stare out over the city, like a little king over his domain. He hunches there for an hour or so before he decides it's a good time to come back inside. He slowly makes his way down the steps, comes timidly to the window, and hops back inside.

Then he's hungry again and wants to be fed.



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27th May, 2005 17:48 (UTC)
I might be interested in that futon, I'll have to take a look at it sometime.
27th May, 2005 17:49 (UTC)
It has no frame, but it's perfectly servicable. It's also free.
27th May, 2005 18:51 (UTC)
Interesting. Don't hold it for me or anything, since I'll have to get my new place sorted out first then decide what kind of frame will fit, but I might get in touch with you about making off with it.
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