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Sick today

  • 27th May, 2005 at 4:47 PM

I woke up this morning with a miserable voice and a sore throat. Oh great, I must have caught a cold from someone last night.

I looked in the fridge and noticed a tall jar of something labelled "Citrus Tea 柚子茶", which my parents left behind the last time they came up to visit. It has the look and texture of marmalade. In fact, it even tastes like marmalade. There are little strips of "citrus peel", which I presume is pummello skin. Unlike English marmalade, however, this jar of stuff still has the seeds in it.

The idea is to drop a couple of tablespoons of the stuff into a mug, pour in hot water, and drink that as a restorative. I'll have to say that it tastes pretty good, once you get past the seeds, and it's fairly nice on the throat. It certainly is better than popping vitamic C tablets and drinking plain hot water. Though I think I might go out and buy orange marmalade once this jar runs out.


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27th May, 2005 22:01 (UTC)
I spread my disease to musicdieu when I visited. Could it be the same virus?
27th May, 2005 22:09 (UTC)
Maybe. I did hang out in his office yesterday, while he was sniffling like crazy. It is only now that I recall such an event.
29th May, 2005 07:38 (UTC)
Could have been me
I've had a cold for a while now, however it peaked yesterday when you were out of the office, and it was never as bad as you describe.

Perhaps some sort of evil mutation?

Regards, Adam.
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