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More housework

  • 28th May, 2005 at 11:19 PM

I finished running the phone cable today. All the rooms have telephone outlets now and all of my telephones are plugged in.

Power has been run to every room except for the dining room. It seems that we forgot to cut a length of cable for this section. I think I'll just wait until I go down to Toronto to pick some up. No point in buying a two metre section from Canadian Tire.

Network cabling has been run to the living room. We forgot to drill a hole into the small bedroom closet, so it's going to be difficult to run network cable into there until I do.

Boxes have been stashed under my new bed, so there's now plenty of floor space. Timin is taking great advantage of this by parking himself right in the geometric centre of the living room. He likes to do this so that he takes up as much room as possible, even though he is a rather small creature.

I unpacked my speakers and realized that one of the cables broke. I took it apart, soldered it together again, and am now waiting for the GO-OP coating to dry. It sounds good as new: I'm listening to them right now. I don't, however, have a good place for them. I think I shall try to dangle the left and right channels from the ceiling.

Seasoned my wok in the oven today. Now it's covered in a tea-colour finish. I expect that this finish will last longer as I'll try not to cook anything acidic in it any time soon. The last finish came off when it was used to make egg and tomatoes.