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New fans

  • 28th May, 2005 at 11:31 PM

Descending the fire escape
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Timin is really good at making friends. I opened the balcony door today to air out the place and Timin poked his head out the balcony steps and watched the squirrels run around. The squirrel, however, was incredibly angry at seeing this cat, so it howled and shreaked until I went outside to see what was going on.

As I leaned over the balcony to find the squirrel, I heard the man who lives above me say "that's a very nice cat you have." I looked up to see him watching Timin, and thanked him. That's when Timin decided to run inside.

Later, I've left the kitchen window open so that Timin could go in and out the fire-escape as he pleased. As I was stringing the phone cable along the baseboards, I heard some scratching from the kitchen. Timin and I walked into the kitchen and saw a squirrel at the window. Ah yes, the previous tenants would feed the squirrels. Timin would have none of it: he jumped up on the windowsill and chased the squirrel up the stairs. The critter beat a hasty retreat.

He then hung out up there for a while. When I went to call him back inside, I noticed that the woman upstairs commenting on how beautiful he was. Well, this is obviously the cue for him to start preening. "Oh, how cute," she squealed, and I heard her walking about upstairs. She returned with a camera and started taking pictures of him. I must admit he is quite photogenic. I figure that Timin has amortised all the horrible hammering I've done today with his amazing cuteness.


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(Deleted comment)
29th May, 2005 07:55 (UTC)
Aw! that icon is the picture I took of you two together in Montreal.

I can't wait to get Timin back! I miss him so much!
29th May, 2005 14:56 (UTC)
When are you coming up to Montréal, then? He misses you quite a bit.
30th May, 2005 02:51 (UTC)
You should see how he fares at kittenwar.com - it's AmIHotOrNot for cats!
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