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I just got back from Canadian Tire recently, where I had to buy a new combination lock. You see, I was rather absent-minded on Monday and left my lock just hanging off the gym locker. No doubt it got cut off or something.

Good thing I didn't leave my stuff sitting there. Although it would be kind of strange showing up to work in exercise clothing. Wait a second, no it wouldn't. I used to always go to work in trackpants.

Exercising has been rather good as of late. I'm still working away at the same exercise programme, mostly because I have gotten into the habit of it all. I think I'll continue doing the same thing for another couple of months before seeing someone about changing it. Just today, I managed to cycle over 5km and run 2km, all while moving about a classroom-sized area. Hurray for me, I think.

Strangely enough, all throughout this activity, I have not gained nor lost weight. On days when I eat as much as I used to, I'm always hungry. On days when I eat to satisfy my hunger, I impress myself with my food intake. But neither strategy seems to affect my overall mass. No wonder so many people find it difficult to reduce.


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2nd Jun, 2005 01:04 (UTC)
Yeah, the body really does not like to shrink. Exercise just makes you hungrier.

It's good for making the body a good lot more firm and attractive though, just not much smaller. :)
2nd Jun, 2005 19:55 (UTC)
Apparently, when you work up your metabolism pretty high doing a good deal of exercise, you can pretty much eat what you want for about an hour after, before your metabolism winds down.

I find that you need to find an equilibrium to lose weight. Not eat too much, do stop when you're not hungry anymore (not finished my plate? too bad, I'm not eating more!). Exercise, but not too intensively (don't just sit on my arse all day).
2nd Jun, 2005 12:38 (UTC)
I recently started to loose some weight. Excercise is important, and eating less can be helpful, but if you want to loose weight you have to change your diet.
2nd Jun, 2005 18:07 (UTC)
Exercise = increased metabolism = more food needed! Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are staying at the same weight, you are currently losing fat and gaining lean muscle. That's a really good thing! -Angie

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