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Scariest thing ever

  • 25th Feb, 2004 at 2:34 AM

On Monday, I submitted my graduate school application. I've been putting it off for over a year now, mostly because it seems so final. My perfectionism was my downfall here.

If I don't go into a Master's programme at Waterloo, my entire life will change course. Sure, I'm certain that I'll get into a Master's degree somewhere else, but my future will be so different. That's a lot of pressure.

Anyway, I talked to Rob just before I handed it in. He tried to persuade me that it isn't such a big deal, and I guess he's right. But it's still a lot of stress.

After all, if I don't go into Waterloo, I'll stay in Montréal as a full-time employee of NITI. I'll have to start looking for graduate programmes further abroad, and I'll have to go through the hell of asking for reference letters. I'll be far from my parents, and far from Julie, and really far from the connexions I've made in Waterloo. It's a good backup plan, but it's also an incredibly large shift from what I want.

I should try harder to find a professor here who wants me. I really really should.



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25th Feb, 2004 07:52 (UTC)
Mostly out of curiousity (being in 2nd year, I don't exactly have professor connections, sigh), what are your specific research/study interests? And "anything with comput0rz OMG" is not a research interest :)
25th Feb, 2004 09:30 (UTC)

I want to make tools that make my life easier.

Right now, I'm competent enough to do user-interfaces and software reverse engineering. If you think hard enough about these two fields, you'll know that I'm actually interested in creating source code editors that don't suck.

Yeah, I know. Wish me luck.

(Deleted comment)
25th Feb, 2004 14:36 (UTC)

I already know Cory within the lab.

I've already seen Prof. Malton, and he seems interested in me with some reservations. So does Prof. Godfrey, although I've only talked to him over e-mail.

(Deleted comment)
25th Feb, 2004 17:33 (UTC)

I thought that's who you were thinking of. After all, he's the one "lucky" enough to be the SWAG Lab Manager.

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