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Interviews in Waterloo, Day 0

  • 6th Jun, 2005 at 10:36 PM

I didn't sleep last night.

My entire weekend was filled with geeky things. On Saturday and Sunday, I did the following things:

  1. Get ALSA working properly on my television
  2. Get XVideo working properly on my television
  3. Get BitTorrent working properly on my television
  4. Do all of my laundry
  5. Compute my Federal and Provincial taxes (yay refund!)
  6. Get monitor mode working on my Orinoco wireless card

Actually, that last one was much harder than it should have been. It took several attempts before I finally git a set of kernel modules that would (a) load and (b) work. Now I can finally scan for available and open wireless networks. Which is very useful if you're stuck in a bus terminal hoping to read your e-mail.

By the time I was finished, it was about 4:00. So I packed things into my giant backpack, fixed up some food and water for Timin, and then headed out the door. Which is good, because the bus wasn't running yet, so I walked to the train station. In my groggy state, I picked up my train tickets at the teller but accidentally left my umbrella there. (It was drizzling this morning.) I shall have to see if they've got it when I return on Wednesday.

I arrived in Toronto by train, then in Waterloo by Greyhound. The trip was uneventful, mostly because I was unconscious most of the time. The people on the train were very nice and left me to snore peacefully. The bus was surprisingly comfortable as well. I must have been quite tired.

I got off the bus at the Kitchener bus terminal and was assaulted by a wave of heat and pollution. I waited in the bright sun for the 7D to arrive and noticed that my chest was constricting because of the poor air quality. I miss Waterloo a lot, but some things are best forgotten. Anyway, riding the bus was pretty interesting as I got to see all sorts of people. People that you rarely see in Montréal: white suburban teenagers trying to look like inner-city gangsters, vastly overweight men who take up two seats, and lank scrawny vampires who only get cathode-tube tans.

The bus stopped outside the CECS building and I thanked the bus driver and I got off. I walked inside to find dcoombs walking up the staircase with a co-ordinator. I hurried after them, calling out Dave's name. We gave a little presentation about the job, where Dave spent most the time speaking, and I spent most of the time staring into nothing. Mostly because I didn't know what was on the slides, and also because my brain was half-functioning.

After the presentation, Dave and I went to the hotel. (Where I'm typing this, incidentally.) I checked in and got the room right beside Dave's. I took a little nap, then it was off to Ben Thanh for UltimateSpringRolls. Which were still very very good. There was so much food that we brought some back to stick in the mini-fridge in my room. This will be so much better than the "continental breakfast" they serve here.

I came back to discover that Sarge had released over dinner. Hurray for everyone. Unfortunately, it seems like everybody is too busy to actually celebrate this fact. Come on people, it's not like Debian releases every year.

I suppose the only thing to do is to run a nice bath, soak in it for a while, and get some sleep. Tomrrow will be a day where I will have to ask tough questions and expect to get good answers. I should probably collate the résumés so that they are in the correct order and then acquire a pad of lined paper.


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9th Jun, 2005 12:04 (UTC)
Which hotel are you staying in when you’re in Waterloo? I ask because I never know which one to recommend to people. The only one that comes to mind is Waterloo Inn, which is inconvenient.
9th Jun, 2005 15:23 (UTC)
Re: Hotel
I stay at the Best Western in St. Jacobs because it is comfortable and has free Internet access.

Wired and wireless.
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