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Fringe reviews

  • 11th Jun, 2005 at 12:39 AM

I stepped out of the flat this evening to see two Fringe shows. I walked down Duluth, turned right on St-Laurent, and searched and searched for 3997. It turns out that it's a small door hidden between two shops. I could see stairs leading up to the top of the building, where old "À LOUER" signs shared the windows with Fringe posters. There was a man sitting out front: on a little tiny stool with a little tiny table. On the table sat a cash box and a stack of yellow tickets.

I bought a ticket to Never Surrender Saves a Baby, not knowing what I'd expect. Well, it was certainly entertaining, if not incredibly cheesy. The performers seemed to have a good time, and although they missed a couple of cues, the audience seemed to appreciate the show as well. Certainly, the two young ladies who were dragged up on stage had huge smiles plastered on their faces. Although I'm not sure that was from joy, perhaps it was more embarrassment?

I stepped out of the stiffling heat back into the street. I bought a ticket for the next show from a young lady who had taken the man's place out front. I then walked up and down St-Laurent for a while, trying to take some photographs. All of them came out insipid, however, and I was greatly disappointed. Resigned, I walked down to Ripples, and got myself a sugar cone loaded with ginger ice cream. Refreshed by the cold confection, I returned to the makeshift theatre.

NUDE GIRLZ started off quite promisingly. Interestingly, an audience member was also dragged on stage. Initially, I thought he was a plant, but this turned out to be falsified by later observation. Unfortunately, the play screeched to a halt half-way through when one of the actors forgot his line. It never really recovered from the break in the plot and I was slightly disheartened. It looked like it was setting up for a very decent confrontation, but nothing really resolved itself.