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Feeling hot

  • 11th Jun, 2005 at 9:02 PM

Timin is hot
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

It's been very, very hot lately. Two weeks ago, the warmest it got was 15°C and we were worried that crops would frost overnight. Today, it's gone up to 32°C. I have been taking advantage, over the past week, of the fact that I live alone. Well, not technically alone, I guess. There are a couple of houseplants and Timin, but nobody who really cares whether I'm decent.

Over the last three days or so, the heat wave has really cranked up. I noticed that my computers were running exceptionally hot, I was running exceptionally hot, and Timin looked like he was wilting. No, I really mean it. Normally, he's an annoying little creature who makes constant demands for food and attention. But recently, he's only been meowing for cold water and spending most of his time stretched out in front of the window fan.

I did some sweeping today and noticed that I had enough fur to make a second white cat. I resolved to go and get a window-mounted air-conditioner. Looking online, I realised that I'd only be able to fit a vertical-window-mounted air-conditioner, as opposed to the more common horizontal.

I took the bus up St-Laurent to the Canadian Tire in Rosemont. There, I managed to completely miss all the air-conditioners they had displayed in the front window. After asking for some help, I managed to locate them. Yes, there in the corner was one of three vertical-mount units in the store. And the only one with enough amperage to cool my entire flat. Wicked.

I hefted it over to the cashier and she rung it through. Then I asked her about delivery and she pulled out a black binder full of prices. "You know," she remarked, "it's usually cheaper to take a taxi. Would you like me to call one for you?" I agreed, and she dialed up the taxi co-op for a van. Then she even helped me take the thing outside. Isn't that nice? I sat on the box for a while and soon the taxi-van arrived. The driver and I loaded the thing into the back. A quick drive and $10 later, I was standing at the front entrance with a huge box that weighed about as much as an obese child. Same size too, if you put the child in a cardboard box.

I managed to get it through the front door and up the first flight of stairs. Then, someone behind me asked if I'd like help. Retaining as much dignity as I could, I accepted his help and we both got it to the second floor with much less straining. I thanked him and he headed back downstairs. I must invite these neighbours over for food and drinks sometime.

Then I shoved the box into the flat and opened it up. Out came the instructions, which were confusing and mostly useless. I assembled the support frame until it fit, jerry-rigged some things, and put screwholes in the windowsill. Then I put down some protective cardboard and dragged the air-conditioner into its new home. I shoved some cloths into the cracks between the machine and the frame, cut a filler panel to fill the large gap at the top, and plugged the sucker in.

"Beep," it cried its first sound. I pushed the power button and off it went humming away. Ah, cool dry air. By now, I was sweating buckets and had completely dampened my handkerchief. So I just stood in front of the blast of cold, no doubt giving myself a chill, but enjoying the soothing relief. Timin noticed what was going on and climbed onto the bed, basking in the cool breeze. I've stood fans in the doorway to try to blow cool air into the rest of the place, but I think that I'll have to wait until morning before the kitchen has cooled down.


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12th Jun, 2005 01:14 (UTC)
You're lucky there were any a/c units left! Usually, they're all gone by the first heatwave.

I've had mine for about 4 years now. I had to suffer through 2 hot days before I had it installed, but it was worth the wait.
12th Jun, 2005 01:55 (UTC)
A lot of people were buying small 5000 BTU air conditioners. I like to do things properly, so I got myself their most powerful model. It works really well, although it does draw 10 A of current when it kicks in.
12th Jun, 2005 15:53 (UTC)
Mine is 5100 BTUs, so it's around the range you mention.
12th Jun, 2005 02:01 (UTC)
Hm... around here everything is pre-built with central A/C so it's been quite some time since I've seen a window unit. Don't they tend to be pretty loud, not to mention unsightly?
12th Jun, 2005 02:03 (UTC)
Yes and yes. But so are central units, those are just less in-your-face.

When you come up to stay in August, you will be glad that I have invested in one now. Of course, I live in a historic building. All the modern ones have central HVAC systems, as it would be insane to go any other way.
12th Jun, 2005 03:03 (UTC)
12th Jun, 2005 08:16 (UTC)
Sweet. I like it.

I've shown this to Timin, though, and he shook his head disapprovingly.

Well, cats are finicky this way.
12th Jun, 2005 07:58 (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad that you and Timin are nice and cool now.

Timin does look hot in that picture. I bet he's going to sleep on the floor near the AC now.

Out of curiosity, how much is an AC? Dwayne and I are thinking of getting one, as it's damn hot here too.
12th Jun, 2005 08:17 (UTC)
This air-conditioner set me back $600 in total, including taxes and the taxi. But it will not be large enough to cool your entire upper floor.

You can get the 5000 BTU one which will be enough to cool your room and a little bit of the hallway. But that's about it.

And your power consumption will go through the roof.
13th Jun, 2005 03:36 (UTC)
And your power consumption will go through the roof.

They should make diesel powered air conditioners.
12th Jun, 2005 13:32 (UTC)
w00t. AC is very useful stuff.
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