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Improv and Impulse

  • 12th Jun, 2005 at 11:26 AM

Night on St-Laurent
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Last night, I decided to see another Fringe show. It took a while before I got into one, but that's only due to poor planning on my part.

I eventually arrived at This is Uncalled For, where I managed to buy a ticket and get in the door. While I was waiting for the house to open, a girl called Amy came running up the street with a box in hand. It turns out she had ice cream bars. She started handing them away to her friends, and when she realised they were half-melted, she started handed them out to strangers. Strangers like me. Amy made a lot of best friends that night.

Inside, the performance was awesome. The improv was very good and the plot, although contrived, was pulled together nicely. As I walked out, I noticed cpirate, Avery, and Linda sitting in the front row. I waited for them outside and chatted with them for a while. We all decided that it would be a very pleasant night to walk home, so we did.

At Mont-Royal, we parted ways. As I headed east, I realised that I was passing by Mouse's place so I rang his doorbell. We chatted for a while and then I invited him to drop by, since we were now neighbours; and also since my place is now relatively decent for guests. I had a good time geeking out regarding technology, but then got incredibly sleepy so I walked home in a daze.

Today, I think I will go out and buy a pass for the Fringe festival. Otherwise, this whole theatre-going experience will become painfully expensive.