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Man 1, Bank 0

  • 12th Jun, 2005 at 6:49 PM

Today I went to the Fringe Box Office, which is just a small trailer like the ones they use in construction. Unlike the ones they use in construction, it had a small air-conditioner in it. The teller told me that it totally made the difference.

I walked up and bought a 10-show pass. Then I proceeded to get tickets for all ten slots, thereby committing myself to see all these things, instead of being all pokey and hanging out in my (now cool) flat.

I then went off to 3997 St-Laurent, where I successfully purchased a ticket to see Man 1, Bank 0. This was super-excellent: the guy (Kevin) was a great performer and he had great timing. The only drawback was his use of presentation software, but one can forgive him for that.

After the performance, I hung around and purchased a copy of his DVD. That's when I noticed Gordon McCall introducing himself and talking about whether Kevin would be in town in January. Wow, rubbing shoulders with artistic directors is great. Well, unless you're in a sweltering theatre, I guess.

Good news about this location: they've finally invested in some large electric fans, so at least it feels cooler sitting in the audience. I sweltered through two Friday night shows there, and they were fairly unbearable. But still, the performers are under hot lights, so they are drenched by the time they finish.

Now I'm going to see some musicians play and then see another show after that. I guess Montréal hasn't been wasted on me; it only took thirteen months.


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13th Jun, 2005 05:01 (UTC)
Hey that guy is totally awesome! He wrote a book that convinced me to go into computer science and helped me get every awesome job I've ever gotten!
13th Jun, 2005 05:17 (UTC)
Who? Gordon McCall?
13th Jun, 2005 05:18 (UTC)
Oh! Patrick Combs with Major in Success.
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