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Fringe, Day 2

  • 14th Jun, 2005 at 12:44 AM

I just got back from another evening of Fringe shows.

Earlier on yesterday, I bumped into Linda at HIP HOP 4 DUMMEEZ which was brilliantly executed. I highly recommend it. Linda seemed to enjoy it as well and we chatted a bit after the show. I then excused myself because I was starving and went home to make some dinner.

Later in the evening, I went to see Jem Rolls, a English poet who hails from Edinburgh. He's got a wry, dry sort of humour that didn't catch much of the crowd. But he was energetic, enthusiastic, and well… English. All points in his favour. His meter was very good, but he spoke so fast that he would often trip on his own tongue. Recommended if you like BritCom, otherwise it will be rather obtuse.

Finally, I saw Timmy's Sexual Adventures which, quite frankly, disappointed. There was some pretty innovative set design, but the theme was fairly muddied and the plot rather strange. In addition, there were scenes intertwining stripping, puppets, massive spandex briefs and Care Bears. Disturbing? Oh yes.


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14th Jun, 2005 18:53 (UTC)
That's a bit unfortunate about the crowd for Jem Rolls; when I saw it with Avery, the crowd was slightly small (10-15 people or so) but everyone was pretty enthusiastic. He tripped over himself twice, but it was still quite impressive, especially the opening poem. I really liked it. He showed up at The Thirteenth Hour last night and performed another excellent poem (titled "We Broke Up Because The Sex Was Too Good").

I'm looking forward to seeing Hip Hop 4 Dummeez tonight.
14th Jun, 2005 19:34 (UTC)
The crowd was much bigger for Jem when I showed up. He had a full house. But very few people laughed.

Nevertheless, I was impressed.

Oh, HIP HOP 4 DUMMEEZ is excellent. You will be pleased.
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