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Faculty Candidate

  • 27th Feb, 2004 at 8:28 AM

Yesterday, I attended a talk by Steve Wolfman, a faculty candidate in the area of humane computer interfaces. His talk was on his work at the UW on educational technology. He had this interesting piece of software called "Presenter" that's basically wireless, tablet-PC based PowerPoint. He also talked about an interactive presentation system where students work with the instructor in real-time, and results are displayed on a projector.

Later in the day, I went to a grad student meeting where we got together to meet with Steve. My overall impression was that he was a really smart guy, articulate, personable, and seemed to really care about teaching. It's rare to find someone like that, so I hope Waterloo offers him a position here. He's enthusiastic about teaching first year courses (!) so it's encouraging to see.

Of note, Allan asked the most hard-hitting psychological questions. Steve was really sweating because the questions were really personal, but I think he did well. He seems to have been accepted by the graduate students.

Celine asked interesting questions related to his attitude in undergraduate education in CS, which I think he answered admirably. She also asked excellent questions about women in CS, and I think he seemed to answer those favourably as well. The questions Celine asked were about how to get women into CS, and how to get them to stay. Ofttimes, I've talked to Julie about this particular issue, especially since Julie's dropped out of CS. Maybe Julie and Celine would like to talk about these issues some more, as they have quite a bit of common ground. Indeed, I think these points are very valid at this school, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't have to ask someone to refrain from being sexist.



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27th Feb, 2004 17:24 (UTC)
AAAGH! Why didn't you post about the event?!
28th Feb, 2004 00:51 (UTC)

Post the event? Do you mean to WatCHI?

Mostly because it wasn't public-access. It was a faculty candidate interview. Does WatCHI normally get invited to these?

28th Feb, 2004 00:54 (UTC)
I actually meant on LJ, but I hadn't realized it wasn't public-access. I still wish I could've gone though :(
28th Feb, 2004 01:07 (UTC)

A good way to get invited is to apply for CS grad school. But perhaps you are not interested in that.

28th Feb, 2004 01:53 (UTC)
Somehow, I sense you're right :)
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