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Return to Montréal

  • 1st Mar, 2004 at 12:03 AM

Julie and I are looking for a place to stay in Montréal, since we'll both be working there in the Spring term. We've just finished looking at the listings; trying to determine which places are acceptable out of the few choices there are.

We've got two tacks that we're looking for:

  • A four-month sublet for a two bedroom place.
  • A year-long unfurnished three bedroom place, suitable for NITI to rent to their co-ops. Here, we'll need to find a third person.

Either way, we need to find a clean, (very) quiet place. One that is cat-friendly as well. With any luck, it will be reasonable close to work, so transportation will be easy.


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2nd Mar, 2004 06:38 (UTC)
this is random
Hi... this is so f-ing random... My name is Simon too... Simon Law... thats strange... soz for bothering you
2nd Mar, 2004 06:56 (UTC)
Re: this is random

Small world. I came from Hong Kong when I was 2.

2nd Mar, 2004 11:22 (UTC)
thats so strange... where are you now? soz havent read your journal...

but yeah.. HK is a cool place to grow up... well it has been home for the last 17 years...
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