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Interviews, Day 8

  • 14th Jun, 2005 at 6:38 PM

I've just finished doing the least fun part of interviews. Sending e-mails.

You see, I've got this strange idea in my head that I should tell people if they didn't do so well during an interview, and suggest some things they could do to improve. But this is rather difficult to do because it's pretty difficult to write a similar note a lot of times, without it turning into a form letter. Plus, one doesn't want to offend the recipient. I really do want them to improve, because I want all our applicants to get jobs.

Then again, if all our applicants were awesome, then I'd have an stomach-churning time trying to choose which ones to offer jobs to. I'd probably have to pick them out at random.


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15th Jun, 2005 00:29 (UTC)
IBM sends form letters, HTML-only email form letters at that!
15th Jun, 2005 01:31 (UTC)
That's horrible and ludicrous.

I mean, I spend lots of time and energy wracking my brain for the right words.
15th Jun, 2005 02:48 (UTC)
man that's the coolest thing ever.
there should be lots more employers like you in the world. lots.

i don't think i've ever gotten an email from anyone except maybe before the interview to specify what ID you need to bring for security checks or assignments that they want you to do. never ever after to give you feed back.
that is awesome.
15th Jun, 2005 17:21 (UTC)
I must agree
You (and by extension NITI) totally rock for doing that.
I wish I got that kind of feedback when I got turned down for jobs. I have yet to get a job where the interviwew process has been more than a hand shake (Elections Canada, ResNet).
7th Jul, 2005 10:05 (UTC)
same here....
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