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Volcanic Eruptions

  • 15th Jun, 2005 at 4:21 PM

Yesterday, I enjoyed another evening of Fringe shows.

It first started off with some sketch comedy, involving the Bionic Yahoos who are famous for a week. These guys were great sketch comics: very funny and rather Canadian. Not only that, but they're from Montréal as well. It was a good show to see.

Centre des Arts Contemporains
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I then stuck around the venue: the Centre des Arts Contemporains, which unlike the photograph on their webpage, looks more like this photograph. Yeah, it's a run-down fire station that has a broken neon sign. Inside, the air-conditioning doesn't work very well, so all the performers get pretty toasty under the spotlights. Where was I?

Yeah, I stuck around the venue to see the next show, which was also performed by a Montréal comedy group. Their show, Improv, Lies, and Videotape was a hilarious documentary on volcanic eruptions in Fiji with some amazing characters. Of course, it's different every time, but the acting was genuinely good. I walked out of that show incredibly happy.

Well, actually, I ran out of that show. It was late and the bus wasn't going to take me to my third show in time, so I just ran up St-Laurent to the right venue. I arrived just in time, as the crowd was filing in. Sex and la Cité was mostly disappointing, to me at least. The crowd was not your usual Fringe crowd. These people were dressed in jackets and power suits. It looked like these people took the elevator down from First Canadian Place and just showed up here. The entire play was basically live fan-fic for a cancelled television show. But large chunks of the audience (men and women) enjoyed it greatly, no doubt because they have followed this show for years. I chalked this hour off as an anthropological experiment, instead of a good time out.