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  • 16th Jun, 2005 at 1:25 AM

LiveJournal now supports metadata on each journal entry.

Great. Couldn't they just have done intelligent search instead? Now I have to go back and fill in over 500 entries that need metadata. Otherwise, this little system won't be very useful at all.

I suppose it will be something to do for tomorrow.



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16th Jun, 2005 05:45 (UTC)
I was thinking of retro-tagging all my entries, but then I realized that I'd have to actually read my past output. I think I'll go back to the beginning of this term and leave it at that.
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17th Jun, 2005 00:14 (UTC)
ljarchive is insufficient because I don't want to mirror all my friends.

Server-side search is obviously better. And it should be able to cross-correlate what you've written to what your friends have written. Or friend to friend.
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