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Cursed by Venue #3

  • 16th Jun, 2005 at 8:52 AM

Right, more reviews. One could quite reasonably say that the plot for Miss Sugarpuss and Her Burley-Q Revue was not the playwright's primary focus. But then again, perhaps I should be grateful that there was a semblence of one. This should not, however, be read as a condemnation of the show. The musical numbers are great (the opera singer is awesome and so is the live band), the dance numbers were well-choreographed, and there was plenty of enthusiastic bodice ripping (it was a burlesque show). Everybody on stage seemed to really enjoy themselves, and this feeling was certainly reflected in the crowd. Recommended.

I then attempted to see The Fairies are thirsty but I seemed ill-fated to actually get into that show. So I've decided to give up, because I'll be out of town this weekend. Both times I've shown up, they closed the doors less than 60 seconds before I've arrived. So instead, I walked home and cooked myself some dinner.

The next show I was supposed to attend is much closer to home. So I set off fifteen minutes early, and arrived fourteen minutes early. I got a programme at the door, which was this nice hand-drawn affair. Very well done. I was slightly more puzzled with the actual play. The United States of America doesn't exist never actually does anything related to its title. It does have a core plot to hang itself upon, but this never actually goes very far. The play is mostly dominated by random non-sequitor which, although sometimes funny, really makes the thing seem like poorly done sketch-comedy.