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Train trip

  • 18th Jun, 2005 at 12:30 AM

I took the train back home for to see my father this weekend. The family was sort of surprised to see me, because they had forgotten that I promised to do so. And didn't check their e-mail until yesterday.

So I took the train. Unlike my normal preference, I was sitting in an aisle seat this time. To the left, and across the aisle, sat a large man who spent the entire trip watching rented videos on a portable DVD player. To my right sat a very nice woman who were incredibly polite and pleasant the whole trip. For the first little bit, she was studying some documents about the insurance business. Then she just stared out the window for several hours. Very nice and pleasant company.

What was strange and sort of grating was the couple that sat behind us. A wife and her husband, I presume. The woman would constantly nag the man:

"Eat your chicken, you don't eat enough protein, too many vegetables and carbohydrates."
"The train isn't late any more, it's supposed to take four hours and fifteen minutes."
"Stop reading that book, reading rots the eyes."

What was most bizzare about her strange comments was that she would repeat phrases over and over again. So actually, her comments sounded like this:

"The train isn't late any more. Late any more. Late any more. Late any more. Late and more. It's supposed to take four hours and fifteen minutes. Not four hours. Not four hours. Not four hours. It isn't late any more. Isn't late. Isn't late."

I have no idea how the man puts up with it day in and day out. Perhaps he loves her very very much.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Actually, my subway ride up to North York was pretty bizarre too. The subway driver decided to be very chipper. She'd announce stations with the most saccharine voice, as if she hadn't been to this place in decades and was squealing "York Mills!!!!" with joy. This is the complete opposite of the official corporate droning of each station, "bloor station's next, bloor." My fellow passengers looked quizzically at the speakers, but I couldn't help smiling at the cheer.

Sometime during the trip, a man got on to the subway with a box of soda pop in one hand and a bouquet of roses in the other. He asked me if he could sit next to me and I said, "sure." Little did I know that he would go on a five minute rant about how "they" were destorying the country with litter. Just as I was politely smiling and nodding at him, he jumps up and gets off at the next station. I'm unsure if he was crazy, or just too friendly.

Later this morning, I'll be going to the Kawarthas with my dad for a short fishing trip. Dad sure loves going fishing, so that what we're doing this weekend. I'll be back in time to catch the train for Montréal, and then I'll have to squeeze in time to pack for my trip to Ottawa.