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Debian: Ottawa bound

  • 20th Jun, 2005 at 7:27 PM

Tomorrow I'm catching the bus to Ottawa. musicdieu and I are going to the 2005 GCC Developers' Summit, where we will be spending the rest of the week trying to take in as much as possible about the major developments in compiler land.

I went to the first GCC Summit with Jim and I get to hang out with him again. Then he heads down to Mountain View to start a new life, post-graduation. As well, Jeff will be joining us, only a couple of weeks before he moves to Montréal. So I'll be in good company.

I don't know what to do about Timin, though. Perhaps someone who really loves cats will offer to take care of him. Or I suppose I could try to have him fend for himself over the next week. I mean, there will be a clean litterbox, food, and water. He'd just get awfully bored and lonely, I think.

Actually, I'll be heading to Ottawa again next month. I'll be speaking at the 2005 Desktop Developers' Conference with Pat. Then I'll be attending the 2005 Linux Symposium with dcoombs. I'm actually looking for two roommates for the Linux Symposium to amortize the cost a bit. Is anyone else going but lacks accomodations?