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String cheese

  • 20th Jun, 2005 at 11:35 PM

I found a store in my neighbourhood that sells Tortillon cheese. You probably don't know what it is if you live in Ontario, so I'll have to describe it to you.

It's the prototype for the horrible processed string cheese you find in supermarkets. It comes in a little plastic bag and looks like little stubs of licorice. White licorice. And it's salty, firm and unripened.

The great fun thing about it is that it's actually stringy. So here I am pulling this cheese apart into little strings and acting like a small child. If you are lucky, you can bribe me to bring some down to Ontario. I know some of you have fond memories of this stuff.



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21st Jun, 2005 04:06 (UTC)
Proper tortillon comes in a very long string, tied in balls, bathing in some kind of salty water (something similar to feta). It's even better than the stuff in the plastic bags, goes well on crackers and with beer. :-)
11th Jul, 2005 17:51 (UTC)

We are obsessed with this cheese. My wife's parents live in Quebec City and we by bags by the kilo when were there! Do you happen to know what kind of cheese it's made with? (i.e. is it cheddar or mozzarella). We'd like to try and make our own here in Ontario. Also, any ideas on how to get a recipe for it? Any info on this cheese would be awesome!

Marshall (from Ontario).
11th Jul, 2005 23:24 (UTC)
Re: tortillon
Well, no, I don't have recipes or stuff like that. I think it's made from cheddar, and if I recall, it's a bit of a leftover from the cheese-making process, as it's the bit that gets stuck between the stirring machinery and the side of the vat?
21st Jun, 2005 14:36 (UTC)
Oof, I love that stuff. Sometimes when I'm at work, I can't resist running out to the corner store to buy a pack!
8th Sep, 2005 13:55 (UTC)
where is this store in your neighboorhood?
Where can I get tortillon in ottawa?
15th Jan, 2007 18:49 (UTC)
Re: where is this store in your neighboorhood?
I've been able to find it at the Provigo now.

I'm afraid I don't know where you can get it in Ottawa.
15th Jan, 2007 16:08 (UTC)
Gotta love tortillon
Let's start a campaign to have tortillon sold widely throughout Ontario!!!

I have to get my mom to bring me some from Quebec twice a year and thats just not cutting it!
15th Jan, 2007 18:49 (UTC)
Re: Gotta love tortillon
And cheese curds, too. Everyone in Ontario is eating sub-standard poutine because they just don't have the right ingredients.
7th Feb, 2007 04:59 (UTC)
It's sold in Iqaluit. It comes in about every 3 weeks. It disappears hours after it is stocked - people watch for it and swoop down when it appears. The only other place I've ever gotten it was in a vending machine at a CEGEP in Rivière du Loup.
20th Aug, 2007 17:59 (UTC)
i just had some of this cheese
and my friend and i were looking for the recipe to try and make some. would be interested in any further information if possible!
fantastic stuff
28th Feb, 2009 23:29 (UTC)
Available in Toronto!
I just bought some at the Dominion (uh, I mean Metro) at the corner of Church and Front Street, across from StL-Laurent Market. Yum!
2nd Mar, 2009 18:35 (UTC)
Re: Available in Toronto!
Thanks for the additional info!

I'm not surprised that Metro is stocking it.
7th Aug, 2009 03:05 (UTC)
Hello, I came to know of this cheese while I was in Ottawa! :))
That was only last week.

My friend (who served it) said she got it from Middle Eastern stores. Just fyi.
25th Nov, 2009 18:24 (UTC)
Tortillon Addict
Glad to know that there are other addicts out there. I can't stop eating the stuff. I get it shipped by the case out of Sudbury into Sault Ste. Marie for a fix for me and my fellow addicts. Got a case arriving tomorrow. Can't wait.
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