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  • 2nd Mar, 2004 at 4:13 PM

Yesterday, I got this nice envelope from the University's Graduate School office. It's far too thin to be good news.

I'm rejected. My marks are just too low for them. Prof. van Beek writes that I should see him again if my marks go up, but I think that will be too late. I need to see him soon, before I get too discouraged to continue applying.

Well, so I felt pretty down on myself. So I took Jamaica over to Julie's place and hacked on her couch. Being productive allows me to drown out my feelings for a while, without the nasty hangover. It took a while, but I was able to bang out some neat stuff.

I'm doing a talk today, about graphing webs-of-trust. I'll be talking about graphing GnuPG webs-of-trust and Orkut. I think my talk will be a little germane, but it was fun writing the software. You should check it out.


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3rd Mar, 2004 00:05 (UTC)
Re: Rejection
Don't give up, aren't there any other University's Graduate Schools around at your place?

(Just saw your entry on planet.debian.net and wanted to tell you not to let yourself get down...)
3rd Mar, 2004 00:07 (UTC)
Sorry to hear about grad school. I noticed the ACDEFGHIJ pattern is missing a B. Burkina Faso? Botswana? Or is there a story to no B?
3rd Mar, 2004 03:23 (UTC)

Belgium was my mail server, but it was retired before I ever got exim working properly. Nowadays, my mail is handled by hungary.

3rd Mar, 2004 04:12 (UTC)
Re: Belgium
So whither Belgium then? Has it gone to the giant Beowulf cluster in the sky?
(Deleted comment)
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