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GCC Developers' Summit, Day 0

  • 21st Jun, 2005 at 11:59 PM

About six months ago, I asked musicdieu (Luke) if he wanted to go to the GCC Developers' Summit with me. At the time, he was doing a little porting work to get stuff building on a snapshot of GCC 4.0. He mentioned that he was coming back to work at NITI and would be happy to come along, so I set the wheels in motion to get us there.

And on Tuesday, we were in Ottawa. We had taken the bus, which arrived fifteen minutes late, and got out at Central Station. Note to self, the next time I take the Greyhound, I need to get off at the University of Ottawa. We had tried to do this when we saw the Westin, but were chastised for trying to get our luggage out.

We took a taxi to our hotel where we discovered that someone had already checked in for the rooms. Luke and I got our keycards and went upstairs. When we opened the door, we were pleased to discover Jeff and Jim sitting in the living room. I dropped my cargo in a bedroom and started unpacking into the closet and dressers. Once we were ready, it was off to the Pour House to meet people.

At the Pour House
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I'm afraid that it was starting to get dark by the time we got there, around 20:00 I suppose, so all the photographs I took turned out poorly. We found ourselves a table by the open window and ate some dinner. It's actually quite a nice pub, with plenty of tables and very good service. Since this was my third time at the conference, I was starting to recognise the people who were sitting at the tables, although my name resolver was very slow.

Soon, Carlos and Christine arrived and sat down at our table. We conversed with them for a while before the conversation drove them away. Then Danielle showed up, but eventually the conversation lowered itself such that she left as well. I then realised that it had suddenly become 02:00 and that we were being punted downstairs. That's when the last of us sat about at one long table. It was in this environment that Angela and Geoff arrived.

I recall that Jeff and I decided it was too late to persist in being conscious, so we made our way back to the hotel room and collapsed. I think the rest of the company decided to follow our leading example and did the same. Except for some Apple people who decided to continue talking about Objective-C. But I think they were still dealing with a time-zone change.